Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Top Apps in 2012 for Getting Built

Technology that will help you build some serious muscle

Your smart phone is more than just a social networking device that sends and receives texts, videos, and instant messages—it can double as your workout buddy too! So for fitness buffs and aspiring body builders, your iPhone, Android, or Samsung Galaxy phone can help you get seriously ripped! Just download the following top fitness apps that will help you build some serious muscles by hooking you up with professional workouts, expert personal training advice, and nutrition tips to make sure you’re packing the proper amount of protein.

Fulfill your muscle-building goals in 2012 with the following apps for getting build like a tank:

1. Calorie Tracker by Livestrong.com ($2.99)

This is my go-to app every single mealtime. I use it to track how much calories I’ve consumed after every meal and snack, which is easy thanks to Livestrong’s database containing over half a million food items—including dishes from popular restaurants, ethnic foods, and every protein bar you could possibly nosh on after your workout. Plus, if you’re unsure about your after workout meal choice, you can simply log onto the Calorie Tracker to see the fat, protein, and carbohydrate value before you consume it.

2. Restaurant Nutrition (Free)

This app can be used simultaneously with your Calorie Counter app from Livestrong to fill in the gaps. This app offers up the nutritional values (calories, fats, carbohydrates, and protein) of menu items from popular chain restaurants throughout North America. You can also use the handy GPS map function to track down your favorite dining establishments when you’re in need of some fuel on the go.

3. iFitness ($0.99)

Truly an app that services your physique—from head to toe—iFitness boasts a database of thousands of exercises for every single muscle in your body. Plus, the user-friendly interface resembles an iTunes library so when you launch the app, you select your exercise either alphabetically, according to muscle group, or according to area on the body, however you prefer to target your desired area. You will see all exercises are accompanied by a written step-by-step description as well as visual examples. And like creation an iTunes playlist, you can group your favorite exercises to design a customized workout.

4. iPump Abs & Core ($1.99)

As a bodybuilder, you already know that a strong core is key to a strong physique. Target that hard to chisel mid-section with a comprehensive collection of 9 workouts, over 60 visual and audio examples, and step-by-step video dedicated to your core-wellbeing (so your lower back, obliques, and abdominal muscles). Once you master the techniques, you can use the app’s timer to build your strength and endurance, and track your path to six-pack heaven using the customized training log.

5. Dietician-iP ($7.99)

Dietician-iP puts all of the macro and micro nutrient information you need to build optimal muscle weight at your fingertips. Dietician-iP offers a complete database of over 1,000 food items, plus detailed nutritional breakdowns on each, all backed by the expert knowledge of professional dieticians. Now you can be confident you’re consuming the proper foods to fuel your workouts, and the proper post-workout meals to prevent injury and maintain top form.

6. Nike + iPod ($20)

Running can be tough in cold weather—especially without your favorite tunes! However, you know that it takes an equal amount of cardio and strength building to achieve your goals. The Nike + iPod app is your personal running coach. It tracks your workout progress (calories burned, distance, heart rate, time and speed) for you on your iPod touch or iPhone and shared that info back to nikeplus.com, so every detail of your workout (speed, distance, time, route, and calories burned) is recorded for you.

Author bio: Melanie Gray is a writer for BBGeeks, a popular site that provides BlackBerry news, commentary, reviews and beginner BlackBerry tips for BB newbies.