Monday, August 23, 2010

Strength-Power Potentiating Complexes

A small town gym that has two guys that can jump 40in. verticals is pretty incredible, but how about a gym that increased all there clients vert’s by at least 2in. in a time span of four months is just crazy. I have found a great way to increase your athletes vert and explosive power through Strength-Power Potentiating Complexes. These complexes were involved in the begging of our off season plan when we were focusing on strength and explosive power. We lifted four times a week with two upper body days and two lower body days. On our max effort lower body days we would work up to a heavy one or three reps in 90% of the athlete’s one rep max for that particular exercise. All the guys that were on this protocol were experienced lifters who could squat 2x or more their own bodyweight. This is a must, if your athlete can not perform this feat then have them focus on increasing that and do there plyometric training on another day.

The protocol that we used worked in three week waves were we focused on our main lift and after completing the 1-3 rep lifts the athlete’s waited 2-5 minutes before going into the plyometric protocol. This will vary with every athlete do to there strength level and how fast they recover from the lift. Each athlete would then perform 5-10 sets of 1-3 reps of plyometrics. We would do a vertical jump the first week, a horizontal jump the second week and then back to a vertical jump on the third week. On the fourth week we deload and focused on deceleration drills off a 12in. box. The next three week cycle we added more volume to their plyometrics, remember to monitor your athletes CNS and recovery because not all athletes are created equal. The first week of this cycle we added in a depth jump into a vertical jump. We did this because the depth jumps are more taxing on the CNS then any other jump so we wanted to do this in the first following a deload. On the second week of the program we went back to a horizontal plyometric and on the third week we incorporated a vertical jump. We then deloaded the same way as discussed earlier.

After this 8 week protocol we moved our athletes to a three day a week training split to accommodate for the extra running we were starting to incorporate. We lifted three days a week doing two upper and one lower body days and began a running phase where we were out running three days a week. On our lower body days we took out our plyometrics and added them into our running days. We would do a dynamic warm up and then start off with weighted acceleration drills and after 5 sets of ten yard sprints we went into our plyometric protocol of Vertical Plyometrics on one day and horizontal on another. The third running day was sport specific so we did not incorporate plyometrics. We did this for three weeks and deloaded on the fourth. After this 12 week cycle of intensive plyometrics we tested our player’s verticals. We had two guys jump 40 in. and five other guys increase their verticals by at least 2 in. some even increased 4 in. Try this protocol out with your athlete’s and see how the explosive power and speed increase. Here is the link of the two 40 in. verticals, remember these are just high school kids.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Amped Review

As a strength coach you are always looking for ways to improve your athlete’s performance; whether it is strength training, speed training, or quickness. The most overlooked aspect of improving performance is the prehab work done before injuries occur. The warm up is a crucial part of the workout which promotes restoration, joint health, core warm up, and active recovery. The Amped DVD and Manual gives you everything you need to prepare your athletes for training and to help prevent injuries. This is the most comprehensive material on warm ups that I have come across. They demonstrate every exercise thoroughly and at the end they put it all together for you. This is the only manual that gives you samples of warm ups, so it takes all the guessing out of it. This manual will surely help take your athletes to the next level.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Crazy Summer

There is never enough time in the day. Have you ever heard that one before? I hear it all the time and it drives me crazy. That is what lazy people who cry all the time about the economy and how everybody is after them and they can never catch a break, say. Its time to get off your asses and change the way you live your life or five years from now you will be in the same place living with your parents still and wondering what you've done with your life. Sorry about the quick rant, but some people drive me crazy.

This was the first summer for the gym and it was a blast. We had college kids from across the country come down and train with us to get ready for the upcoming season. We held the first annual Samson S&C Strongman Show, which was a huge success and I can't wait to do more. Actually I am shooting for another one in early March, so get ready! We formed a powerlifting team that won the team trophy in its first meet and the gym also made it onto the news. Here is the link...
Like I said it was a crazy summer with crazy results. I got a call the other day from one of our college kids and found out that out of 60 players from his football team only 8 passed the conditioning test and he was one of the first ones to complete it. Oh and by the way he is a 220lbs fullback.

Now that things have settled down I will be updating my blog more regularly and will have tons of information coming your way. As for the fall we have a few strongman shows some of the guys are doing and a powerlifting meet in Nov. that the team will be doing. Remember that today is the day for you to break out of your rut and focus on making things happen for yourself.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Team Samson Totals from UPF Challenge II

Mike Favele-165lbs Weight Class-Ironman Division-275lbs Squat, 185lbs Bench, 405lbs Dead- Total 865lbs
Randy Walker-181lbs Weight Class- Ironman Division-390lbs Squat (R), 275lbs Bench, 405lbs Dead- Total 1070lbs
Mike Glover-198lbs Weight Class-Raw Division-355lbs Squat, 335lbs Bench (R), 515lbs Dead- Total 1205lbs
Dylan Caufield-220lbs weight Class-Raw Division-405lbs Squat, 250lbs Bench
Tony Montgomery-220lbs Weight Class-Ironman Division-445lbs Squat, 355lbs Bench (R), 550lbs Dead- Total 1350lbs
Justin Poma-220lbs Weight Class-Ironman Division- 502lbs Squat (R), 375lbs Bench (R), 560lbs Dead (R)- Total 1437lbs (R)
Kenny Morris-275lbs Weight Class-Ironman Division- 570lbs Squat (R), 430lbs Bench (R), 650lbs Dead- Total 1650 (R)

(R) Indicates New Record

Sunday, August 8, 2010

UPF Challenge II Team Write Up

First I just want to take the time to thank my team for being ready and giving it their all at this meet. I am extremely proud of all of them. Thanks to Raw United and Spero for putting on a great show. Thanks to Zee Hichri and the UPF gym for holding the meet at their gym. It was a great experience and out of the seven lifters on the team it was the first meet for six of them.

Everybody came up the night before to make weight. It was the first time most of us had to cut weight so it was a little nerve wrecking. Everybody made weight with ease, so we decided to go refuel after that and put a serious dent in the Outback Steakhouse.

The meet started at 10 and was broken into two flights. First up was the squat and everyone hit their openers with ease so we were all in the meet and feeling good. All of us hit our second attempts and our thirds as well. Have to take a moment to congratulate Justin Poma for Broking the record in squats for the 220lbs Ironman Division with a massive and easy 502lbs squat.

Next up was the bench press and with the nerves gone from the first squat attempt we were zeroed in on having a big bench. All the guys hit the bench and Kenny Morris set a new meet PR with a 430lbs bench press.

Last but not least was the deadlift. This is what makes or breaks a meet for most people. A big pull will set up for a big total and a successful meet. I am happy to say that all but one of us was able to get a full total in our first meet. We had one lifter pull his hamstring and not be able to complete the lift. Congrats goes to Mike Favele for hitting a huge PR for him with a 405lbs deadlift at a bodyweight of 165lbs. Just a couple of weeks ago he could not even budge 365lbs so great job Mike.

We won the team trophy and Justin Poma won best overall lifter for the Ironman Division. It was a great meet and a great experience but we are ready to get back in the gym and continue to get stronger and stronger. We have meets coming up and strongman shows as well, so its time to get back to work.

I will have everyone's totals up with in the week.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Teacher Appreciation

We would just like to take the time to thank all the teachers out there who do a great job molding the youth of America. I know school is about to start up and it is crunch time to get your classes set up and everything ready. We at Samson would just like to thank you for all the hard work you do with a Teacher's special at Samson's. It starts on August 23rd and ends December 5th. It consists of three personal training sessions and two boot camps a week. This is normally a $1500 value but we are giving it to you for the small price of $500. If you are interested just contact me by email or phone. Let's get to work and help take inches off your waist and add years to your life.

Samson Takeover

It has been a busy and crazy summer. I will post an update after this weekend for upcoming events, posts, and specials. This weekend we will be competing in a powerlifting meet up in Orlando. Seven guys from the gym will be competing in various age groups and weight classes. This is the start of building the strongest gym in Florida and eventually in the country. I will have a write up for you on Sunday with everyone's results. Big things to come so stay tuned!!