Michelle Sarasola
I have always loved working out and staying active. At the same time, I have always appreciated and devoured a good meal (and dessert). So when I found out I was pregnant December 2009, I continued to workout because I love it but I thought I had the ticket to eat EVERYTHING. 65-70 pounds later and only a 8 pound 12 ounce perfect boy, I really had to do something different to get the weight off. That's when I joined Samson December 2010 and I haven't looked back. They helped me get to my pre-pregnancy weight which gave me the green light to get pregnant again! This time I (sort of) watched what I ate and still gained 45 lbs May 2012. I knew Samson was my family and I began training with shauna July 2012. Never have I met a trainer that is so dedicated, so encouraging, and sooo approachable. I am back to my pre pregnancy size and I am not stopping there! Bootcamp and training with the Samson family is an addiction for me. I crave it when I miss it. Not only are the trainers Incredible but the other members are as well. We push each other to do the best we can, and I love it.
On a side note, my dad comes to bootcamp with me, and he makes me so proud: he is in better shape now than he was 10 years ago. People think he is my husband and I take that as a compliment because he looks so much younger and more healthy thanks to Samson S&C.
Beth H
Beth has been training with Shauna since August 2012..it is now January and she has lost 15.5 inches and is doing awesome.  Her hard work and dedication to each workout shows through her willingness to do more everytime she comes, SO proud of her!
Kimmy Hart

Jennifer Carter

Samson's Strength and Conditioning is the best place in town to get a great workout
customized to meet your personal strength and conditioning needs. I have been a
member for over a year and I look forward to attending one hour personal training
sessions with Tony three times a week as well as women's boot camp two times per
week. This week I attended the first co-ed boot camp. It was an excellent workout
that can be tailored to meet each individual's needs. I recommend anyone who is
looking for a hard core workout contact Tony at Samson's and set up an

Lisa C.
Samson's S&C and has completely changed my outlook on working out. Not only is it a fun workout ESPECIALLY on Saturday's (BOOTCAMP!) but its something different each week. I have an 8 month old son and during pregnancy I walked, rode my bike and in the beginning ran when I was able too. But still had it in my head that it was gonna be horrible trying to get the baby weight off. I was told ohh as soon as you push him out youll be able to look down at your tummy and its all gonna be gone, (yeahhh right!!). From going to being in pretty good shape to being BLAH in my eyes , it was kind of scary and I was thinking am I really going to be able to do this or should I just give up on it. Well I started to do some cardio on my own at my house while my little man was sleeping as soon as I got the ok from teh Doctor, it helped a little I was losing some weight, I then was told about a "BOOTCAMP" yes, that was my first thought (OH NO BOOTCAMP!) but I gave it a try, it was absolutely the best thing ever I had a blast even though it kicked my little butt , but it kicked it right back into shape. I only go 2x's during the week.  It is like a big family at Samson's, during the week and at bootcamp, everyone is so motivating and they push you so hard in such a good way. I want to thank Tony from Samson's S&C and everyone that he has helping us girl's on the weekend at bootcamp.

Trish C.
Words could never even begin to describe how much your gym has made a difference in my life. But, I feel like I should try....
Before I started working out at your gym I was sure I was going to need some kind of surgery to fix my stomach after having 2 babies. I was tired all the time and struggled with getting motivated to do any kind of physical activity. I figured chasing my 2 girls around was all the exercise I needed. Boy, was I wrong!

At first I started coming to boot-camp on Saturdays. After the first boot-camp my body hurt in ways I never imagined and I seriously considered not going back. I'm glad I did. Every week it got a little easier and pretty soon I was actually able to complete a full session. Woo hoo! You were great, as were all the other trainers, at constantly telling me I was doing great (or "Niiiiiice') and reminding me that everyone has to start somewhere and the main goal should be to try and better myself a little more and more every time. I NEVER felt judged or like an outsider. It's obvious that you guys really love what you do and enjoy helping people become healthier.

Since I've started coming to your gym I have lost 25 pounds. I haven't weighed as much as I do now since high school. I am forever grateful for all the services you and your crew provide. Not only do I feel more confident, but I feel like a better wife and mother. My husband gets a happier wife and my kids get a healthier mommy. My girls watch me exercise and get to see how happy it makes me. That's a great example I am proud to set for them.

In addition to improving my overall health and fitness, I have made some amazing friendships that I'm sure will last me a lifetime. I look forward to getting a little break to go exercise and being able to hang with friends who have the same goals. It makes motivation a whole lot easier when I know some of my pals are going to be there rooting me on and I get to do the same for them.

Note to everyone else....

I think everyone needs a little Samson's in their life. I know it can be intimidating watching all the videos and seeing pictures of chicks that are ripped but I was in the same boat about 6 months ago. I kept telling my friends I didn't want to go cause some of the girls there looked way to hard core for my blood. I PROMISE you, give it 1 month and you'll be hooked! No one makes you feel uncomfortable and you start seeing results right away! It's your life and your health. You only get 1 shot. Why not start NOW? You can be sure to see me there.

Much love to all the people at Samson's and all the friends I've made along the way! You've made such a great impact on my life and I am FOREVER grateful!

Lots of Love,


Justin M.

Dear Tony i would like to thank you and Samson S&C for helping me achieve all of my goals. Not only did you help me lose weight. But also helped me get stronger, faster and much more confident in myself. My whole life i was never happy with my weight, i ate unhealthy and never had the willpower to workout. At one point of time i weighed up to 280 pounds!! You have helped me get down to a solid 195 pounds!! I haven't been down to that weight since like the 5th grade lol... To me Samson is one of the best programs i have ever been apart of. Everyday i look forward to working out. And i have never felt so healthy and in-shape in my life. Thank you for all the time and effort that you have put into helping me reach all of my goals.

Milton Dames

Samson Strength Conditioning has changed my life. I dont even want to imagine
how much weight I would have gained if it wasn't for this gym. I walked into this gym
weighting 363 pounds, possibly more. My first day was ridiculous, I threw up
everywhere from being so out of shape. The exercises were worth it, and were
exactly what I needed. The workouts were difficult and exhausting, but the weight
was dropping so I couldnt complain. The progress I was making had me determined
to do more. I started coming three days a week, two days of personal training, and
one bootcamp. The gym started to feel like a drug to me, i became addicted to
working out. Samsons gym is somewhere I feel comfortable because everyone
there is humble and friendly works together giving words of encouragement
because they have goals of there own as well. We're like one big family. In
conclusion to me working hard for a year i've lost 100 pounds, and now down to 259
pounds, Yes im sexy now! I would have to thank my trainer Tony Montgomery for
everything. Pushing me and believing in me when nobody else would. I would
recommand Samson Strength Conditioning to anybody who's seeking a gym to
workout at rather your over weight, an athlete, Mother, Father, son, or even
daughter. Overall its been the best thing that has ever happen to me, but im not
done yet its work in progress. Give me just one more year and i'll be as ripped as Tony.
Thank you,
Tony Montgomery Samson SC



In November I will be 32 years old and I will be in the best shape of my life this is my story. I was at a dinner party with friends when I overheard my friends wife talking about this crazy boot camp style gym called Samson SC that her girlfriend goes to the next day I went to the website and I saw Tony’s bio. And everything he said was right on the money with how I was feeling about my life, even thou in his pics I thought he was a terrorist I decided to try it out that turned out to be the best decision I've ever made, The first two weeks were brutal working muscles I didn't know I had. What I quickly realized was how wrong I've been working out. I used to go to the gym and only do what I felt comfortable with. So as Tony says every day was the day I'm not doing legs. At Samson’s you walk in get warmed up then your whole exercise is planned out no thinking on your part just get through it. The knowledge of the trainers is second to none they will make sure your form is correct on every exercise also make sure you are pushing yourself to the max you will never get used to the routine because it's never the same the amount of exercise's these guys can create in what's now a 2000 square ft. gym is amazing! I really can't believe how strong I've become in 8 months and only getting stronger. Well I will leave by saying Tony your gym has changed my life in the most positive way and you can't put a price on that.. I wish you the best brother


Strong Man Steve


My name is Holly Gilbert, this is my story. In November of 2009 I looked in the mirror and decided I was not happy with what my body had become. I had always been fit and active; being a mom of three has kept me moving. I went through a divorce and kind of lost myself. I decided to make a change. I started with enrolling in a gym, a franchise we will say. I was very determined to get from 170lbs down to at least 150. The weight came off rather quickly using the elliptical and in 6 months I had met my goal. I decided I wanted to getting fit my life, so in March of 2010 I enrolled in school to become a Personal Trainer myself. I struggled with work and gym, family and relationships and decided I was at a plateau in my workouts. After applying to work at several franchise gyms, I decided my way of teaching would be different then "cookie cutter". I then turned to Samson's Gym. Tony was willing to let me intern and get hands on that I would need when working with clients as well as training me to break through my plateau. It worked I have gone down 10lbs more and put body parts back in their correct places. Samson's has become a family to me and I am so grateful and eager to help others achieve their goals as well!! Look forward to seeing you all at the gym!! ~Peace & Love~


Holly TripleH Gilbert

Philpe C.
Thank You Samson Strength and Conditioning for helping me reach my goals. I have never felt in better shape than I am now. This amazing transformation started 9 months ago. I weighed 218 lbs., wore a size 38, and was a few months away from turning 29 years old and thought to myself that I need to get into shape before I turned 30. My wife, Trish, had been going to your gym for a few months and I was watching her lose fat and build muscle. She kept telling me to go but I was always to busy or had some kind of excuse. I had been dieting and was losing some weight but once I combined training at your gym with dieting I really started to notice it. Everyone (myself included) always thinks that they can just go to their gym and work out and that will do the job. But I must say your program definitely has different exercises than I would normally do. Plus, you don’t even have to think about what you are going to do next. Your whole workout plan with your exercise, reps, set is all laid out for you, and you always have someone there pushing you even further. Not only was I losing fat, I was also building muscle. Now that I have met my goals I keep setting new ones. Currently I have lost 43 lbs and weigh 175 lbs. I wear a size 32 and feel more confident than I ever have. I can’t remember the last time I was this size (even in High school while playing football I wore a size 34). Once you’ve been going there for a few weeks and start seeing things change it really becomes addicting. Thank you Tony for helping me make this transformation, I cant ever imagine not being a part of the family at Samson S&C. I look forward to meeting my new goals, and who knows maybe even go beyond.

Philipe Chibas

Kelly DiazI have had a membership at just about every gym in town. I've never been one to be "self motivated" when working out. Unfortunately that's the reason my memberships have not last. I have been a member of Samson strength and conditioning for a year now. At Samson, there is the comfort level that everyone wants in a gym. Everyone is welcoming and you don't have to worry about being judged. There is always someone motivating you; whether it is a trainer or another member. At almost any given moment you can hear someone being cheered on. The trainers personally get to know you and help push you to reach your goals. They are constantly striving to help you improve. Unlike other gyms, at Samson you are not just another "face in the crowd". Everyone feels just as important as the next.

Mary Ann BuckesMy daughter introduced me to Samson’s on New Years Day 2011. I remember questioning my sanity and thinking to myself "this is how I am starting off my new year?". I figured I would attend that one time and humor my daughter and that would be the end of it. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would return. Yet here I am 8 months later and I look forward to my Samson’s experience each and every time I attend. I started attending Boot camp 1x weekly and I won't lie it was very challenging. When I first started attending I was very self conscience and embarrassed by my appearance. I put up a good front but my self esteem was low as well. But with the support and encouragement of Tony and his staff I began to challenge myself with each and every exercise I did. Tony and his staff helped me to realize I was the one who was limiting myself and that I could achieve any challenge presented to me. Boy isn't that a fact! There is no limit to what I can do now. I am currently attending boot camp 2x weekly as well as group training 2x weekly. With Samson’s staff help and support I have found myself again and am very proud of whom I am today. At 55 years of age I can actually say that I am stronger and in the best physical condition than I have been in 25 years. As an added benefit my health has greatly improved too. I can honestly say that I have begun to witness a wonderful transformation in my physical appearance. I have signed up for membership at other gyms, paid my monthly fee and never really go back. They are so impersonal. An interesting thing happens here at Samson’s that you don't experience at other gyms this is the first place where I feel a personal welcome every time I arrive. I am not a face with a membership card I have to swipe when I walk in. I am Mary Ann and I receive a big smile and at times a very big hug! The members here are so very friendly and everyone helps each other out. Whether it by showing how to do an exercise or encouraging each other on. I am very proud and grateful to be a member of the Samson’s family. Coming to Samson’s is an experience, you never know what to expect, who you are going to meet and you are always welcome. Words cannot express my appreciation for all of the help, encouragement, guidance and support. I am grateful and my thanks to Tony, Mike and the rest of the staff. I cannot wait to see where my Samson’s journey takes me next!!!

Matt Marcorelle
I have been working out with Tony Montgomery as my trainer for just over a year. I chose to be apart of Samson’s gym and Tony’s work out regiments because of the individualized detail, and sports specificity. Tony comes from a military back round and is on his way to becoming a professional American strongman so he‘s not only a trainer but a trainer who competes at a professional level. Tony is able to translate movements that occur on the football field into the weight room to allow me to receive the greatest benefits from working out. Tony makes every workout different and unique which allows me never to become complacent along with shocking my muscle and nervous system that allows me to receive gains in speed, power, strength, and size. Tony’s military and strongman back round also helps to make me, along with other athletes not only physically stronger, but mentally stronger which is the most underrated and overlooked aspect for an athlete. Samson’s gym is not meant for everyone. Socializing about your days does not occur at Samson’s unlike LA fitness and or Gold’s Gym. Samson’s gym is meant for those who have the desire and determination to get better in any sport, physical fitness test, or body composition. As a trainer Tony is very skilled, detailed, and most importantly versatile. Tony is capable of training any athlete at any level from high school to professional athletes. From football athletes, tri-athletes, MMA fighters, to people just simply trying to loose weight, Tony is the trainer you need to improve. Without Samson’s gym and Tony’s determination dedication and passion for training I would not be where I’m at today athletically and mentally.

Janelle Lopez

Rick W.
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for setting up my training program. the results are incredible I could have never achieved the same results on my own or at my local gym. while the workouts are tough I enjoy the satisfaction when I complete them. I can't count the number of friends and customers of mine that comment about my appearance or ask what kind of diet and exercise plan I am on! I am very satisfied about my progress so far and can't wait to see how I look and feel in six months! If anyone doubts your knowledge of diet ,strength and conditioning please use me as a referance.

Mike M.
I started training at Samson S&C when I decided to do triathlons. Within one triathlon season I shaved 5 minutes off of my time in sprint distance tri's. With such great results I decided to try a half ironman distance tri. I started training and dieting 15 weeks before the race. I trained using a heart rate monitor and followed the diet that Samson S&C gave me. In those 15 weeks I lowered my resting heart rate 25 beats per minute and lost 19lbs.

In the past few months I've been weight training. During that time I've increased my bench press by 60lbs, box squat by 100lbs, vertical jump by 3 inches, and pull up max by 7 reps.
Training at Samson S&C is unlike anything I've ever experienced! I've done excersises that I could have never imagined and they have equipment that you just won't find at your everyday gym. The atmosphere at the gym is second to none. Everyone there means business and they are there to reach one common goal, and that is to better themselves.

Jeff V.
Samson's gym is hands down the most incredible gym i have ever been involved with in my life. I have never seen results quicker working with any other trainer or coach. you'll find yourself learning everyday something new that allows you to improve yourself and take things to the next level reguardless of gender or age. Absolutely worth every second your there.

Jennifer C.
Samson's Strength and Conditioning is the best place in town to get a great workout customized to meet your personal strength and conditioning needs.  I have been a member for over a year and I look forward to attending one hour personal training sessions with Tony three times a week as well as women's bootcamp two times per week.  This week I attended the first co-ed bootcamp.  It was an excellent workout that can be tailored to meet each individual's needs.  I recommend anyone who is looking for a hard core workout contact Tony at Samson's and set up an appointment today!

Kenny M.
Samson S&C is all about training to achieve the best results possible. They put everything into helping people achieve their fitness goals. The facility is stocked with specialty equipment to meet all training needs. My training has never been better since joining Samson S&C.