Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lose Weight Fast

There are a million ways to lose weight and get in the best shape of your life. So how do you know the right one to pick or even when and how to get started? I have a solution for you. The solution is Shelby Starnes and the answer is his new book A Simple Guide To Very Low Carb Dieting. I would not recommend this if I have not personally worked with Shelby myself and believe in what he does. I hired Shelby A couple of years ago to do my diet and cardio plan and in just 3 months I went from 225lbs at 20% body fat down to 193lbs at 8% body fat.

Shelby's new book is the easiest way to lose those unwanted pounds. He detail's everything you need to know and makes it so simple to diet and stick with it. He gives you the macro's and micro's needed to succeed. He gives examples of a daily diet for both men and women and breaks down how and what to shop for. He also gives you tips to add flavor to your diet, so you don't quit because the food is horribly bland. Shelby also breaks down your cardio plan and the supplements to help speed up the fat burning process and tone up your muscles. He also details each and every food source you can eat on the diet and makes it simple to use. An example of this is:
18 g Protein
2 1/4 oz chicken breast (cooked measured)
2 oz round eye steak (cooked measured)
1 3/4 oz top round steak (cooked measure)

Shelby continues through the rest of the protiens and fats in an easy to read format. This will be the easiest diet you have ever been on and will give you the best results. It's time to shed the pounds and get ready for bikini season. You can get this book A Simple Guide to Very Low Carb Diets for only $9.95:
To learn more about Shelby and his services go to:

Monday, March 29, 2010


If you start to doubt yourself or blame others for where you are, you will never get anywhere in life. I am showing you these two videos so you can keep fighting and keep defying the odds. Because nothing else matters, if you don't believe in yourself.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Building A Tribe

Building a strong tribe? What does this mean? It means that you are surrounding your self with like minded people who are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. At Samson's we have had people come and go but the ones that stick around are our family. They come to the gym to work and they love it no matter how hard it gets. I will come in to train a group and they will notice that one person is missing and I tell them that he is not coming back. They tell me "It's not for everyone" and they are exactly right. It's not for everyone, so do not go out of your way to make it for everyone. Don't turn against what your heart says just to make a sell. If you think that person does not fit your tribe than get rid of them. If you don't you will hate your job and you will bring down the atmosphere of your gym.

We have built our tribe out of an awesome group of athletes, moms, dads, and people just looking for a challenge. There are many ways to create a tribe of like minded people. You have to bring in people that will not only push themselves but push those around them. You have to have a trainer's who walk the walk. Train the people you want to, do not settle for anything less. This is a sure way to kill your tribe. The most important thing of all is you have to care about your clients and show them that you care. If they see that you want them to be great and that you care when they do, than the sky is the limit for you and their success. I go to work everyday wanting to see my clients succeed, not just wanting to collect a paycheck and this has driven my business to succeed.

Follow your heart in business and be driven by your passion, this will build the biggest and strongest tribe you could ever imagine.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Top Six Ways to Increase your Sprint Speed

These are in no particular order:
1. Proper Posture- If your athlete is running with his arms swinging from side to side, he is suffering from the teenage kid syndrome. This means he spends too much time working on the muscles in the mirror, bench, curls, and abs and not enough on his back, glutes, and hamstrings. He also slouches a lot and walks with his head down all the time. This will cause a severe pronation of the scapula and will turn their knuckles facing inward which will cause them to swing their arms side to side. How to improve the player’s posture relies heavily on the player and not so much with the coach. You can do what you can with the limited time you have with the player, but the real improvements come when he is on his own. At the gym you can have him work on a lot of scapular retraction movements and stretching out the pec with static movements. A great exercise is to have your athlete’s deadlift with their hands in a supinated grip, which means their palms are facing away from their body. Deadlift with light weight and really retract at the top position and hold for about three seconds. This and many others are great exercises for you athlete to improve posture, but like I said an athlete has to work hard on his own to alleviate the problem. Everywhere he goes he should be sticking his chest out and trying to retract his shoulder blades. He also needs to be sitting up in class and retracting his shoulder blades. Try these out with your guys and see their forty times improve.
2. Stride Length- This is easy, the fewer steps you take the faster your forty time will be. To improve this many coaches tell their players to do high knees, but that is the wrong information to give. You need to have your players drive their legs back. This will cause the player to lengthen his stride and it will also increase his rate of force development. This can be achieved by hill sprints or sled drags.
3. Proper Shin Angle- the players shin should be at a 45 degree angle when lifted up in a dorsi flexed manner. This is like loading a spring and as soon as the foot hits it will spring up cause the rate of force development to increase and will help your athlete increase your hip flexion.

4. Rate of Force Development- This is easy the stronger and more explosive your athlete is the more force they will generate. So get them in the weight room lift heavy things and out on the field doing explosive plyometrics and med ball throws.
5. Decrease Body Fat- You can’t move fast if you are carrying extra fat. This is common knowledge. So make sure you are eating right and fuel your body with healthy food. The days of eating food because it tastes really good are over, that will lead you to a slow forty and a weak vertical jump.
6. Strengthen Your Hip Flexors- The hip flexors are the key to sprinting faster, but are usually neglected in the U.S. The top runners in the world are from Jamaica and they focus their training on the hip flexors. They do this by Sprinting Hills, Weighted Spread Eagle Sit Ups, Leg Raises w/ Bands. These are just a few examples, but anything that involes hip flexion will work. They did a recent study with the fastest Japanese runner and Asafa Powell from Jamaica, one of the fastest man on the planet and the only difference was the cross section of the Iliopsaos, which is your hip flexor. The bigger the muscle cross section the more force it can generate.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Truth

The truth is...that running in a quickfoot ladder is not real speed training.
The truth is...getting stronger is the best way to become faster.
The truth have to do speed work to get explosive, point blank.
The truth are not training powerlifters, you are training athletes, so act like it.
The truth never know enough.
The truth is...there is always someone better.
The truth is...Americans are lazy people.
The truth make too many excuses and never live up to your potential.
The truth is...if you can't do it or if you can't teach it don't expect your athletes to be able to.
The truth all starts in the gym.
The truth sucks to be small and weak.
The truth are capable of more than you think.
The truth are letting yourself down.
The truth really need to surround yourself with the best.
The truth order ot be the best you have to beat the best.

Samson Strength and Conditioning...The truth is...being average is not good enough!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Walking the Walk

Right now I am a student at FAU in Boca Raton, Fl. and like all students I want to get in and get out as fast as possible. I am not your typical college kid who is fresh out of high school. I went into the marines for four years and served in Iraq and studied my ass off to learn everything I could about training and how the body works. The problem I am having with this so called education system and the trainers it produces is some of the stuff I hear come out of these professors and trainers mouth’s who have never touched a weight in their life and are telling everyone how they should be training just because they have a piece of paper that says they are qualified. Yet you are more likely to see them at McDonald's then in the weight room. We were having a discussion in class this past week and a kid ask “what is the best way to gain strength” and the overweight professor said “to lift 6-8 reps at 90% of your 1 rep max.” Now if you believe that this is possible than you should not be reading this blog. I told her that that was impossible and gave a simple example if a guy has a 100 pound 1 rep max on bench he could not rep out 90 pounds 6-8 times and her rebuttal was “well that’s how I used to train my athletes.” Man that drives me crazy. There are so many trainers and coaches out there that can't do what they tell there players to do yet they still make them do it and have no explanation for it. So the next time you are being trained ask yourself “Can my trainer do this?” and if the answer is no then run out the gym door as fast as possible and find someone who can. You want results and the only to get those is to find someone who has already achieved them. Quit wasting your time and look for the best.

Sorry, I had to get this off of my chest. If anybody out there feels the same way drop a comment or if you completely disagrees drop a comment, I would love to hear what you have to say about the subject.

P.S. I am almost done with the Samson S&C eBook on how to train athletes and achieve ridiculous results!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

4th Annual SW Florida Strongman Contest: The Write Up

This was an awesome show and it always is. Dave works hard and makes sure everything is run smooth and efficient. This show was in honor of Mike Witmer, I do not know him personally, but the people that did shared some stories about him and he seemed like an awesome guy, I was honored to compete in this show and to honor his name.

I hit the road at 8:00 in the morning to make it to Ft. Myers around 10:45, so not to bad compared to Big Steve driving 18 hours. I needed to weigh in and I tipped the scales at 220lbs. I really need to eat more. The show promptly started at 12:00 with the incline log press. The weight was 275lbs and you had 60secs to rep out as many as possible. It was a little odd taking it off of the forklift because I have been training it from the ground. So I got started and the number to beat was 13 I think. I ended up with 19, but I messed up a few times and probably could have gotten more, but I was happy. 1st place in this event.

Next came the yoke walk 625lbs for 80' fastest time wins. I got to go last which was good because a few guys flew through this. I was pretty confident going into this one. I have been training it pretty hard because I just got my yoke in three months ago and needed to work on it. I use those vibram five finger shoes to do my walking events and absolutely love them. I finished this event in a little over 13 secs but I am not sure. Good enough for another 1st place finish.

The farmer walks were next. It was 265lbs per hand and the same 80' course. These farmers had some good gnarl on them so it made for an easy pick. I finished these in a little over 10 secs and another 1st place finish

4th event was the 750lbs tire flip for 50'. This is were it went bad for me. On the initial push my left calf began to cramp so I could not go as fast as I wanted and every time I tried it would tighten up on me. I finished in 22secs and last place. There were only four competitors so it was not a bad prop off but I know I could have done better.

Last event was the keg load. 280lbs onto a 52" flat bed. I have never even touched a keg before, so this was going to be a good experience. I needed to get six to secure a win, so I some how stumbled my to way actually getting it loaded six times. It was tough I would not recommend not trying those out before you have to do them. I finished 2nd in this event and 1st overall for the middleweight division.

Like I said earlier this has to be one of the cleanest shows ever. There was probably 40 competitors and we were done and leaving the venue at 4:30. Every time Dave puts on a show I will be there, awesome job, from everybody. It was nice meeting a bunch of new people and it got me pondering about putting on a show myself in mid July here in Port St. Lucie, Fl. I will let everyone know if that is going to happen. Last but not least, this Pat Wilson guy at 19 years old is an absolute beast.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

What's in My Gym Bag

Q: Hey coach with your contest right around the corner I was wondering what exactly you take to your show. I am planning on doing one next month and I want to be as prepared as possible.

A: Zach, good question because every show will require you to bring new things. I am packing my bag right now as we speak.

First things first, I am putting in my elbow and knee sleeves, wrist wraps because some shows allow them. I bring a massage stick and hot stuff just in case something decides to tighten up on me. Next I have some nose tork, chalk, and tacky. Some times the promoter will not have chalk. The nose tork I will use when needed to stimulate my CNS for a big lift. I will bring three pairs of shoes, one cross trainer, work boots for tire flips, and my five finger vibram shoes which I use for any medley or walking event. I will bring some shirts and some socks just in case it gets really hot. I will bring a cooler full of food for the day ahead. I won't pack anything I don't usually eat because I don't know how my body will react.

I will bring some shaker cups, one filled with NO-Xplode, another filled with Volumaize and Cellmass. I get all my products from BSN and I think they really help me get through and excel at my shows. I also bring my wife for camera work and moral support and that is it.

Zach I hope this helps, always be prepared for the worst and never take anything you have not already taken before. Good luck and let me know how the show goes.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


As my next strongman show approaches, it gets me thinking about what it takes to be the best, to climb to the top of the mountain. I start to focus on everything I have to do to win the show. I visualize all the weights going up easy and I see myself with the first place trophy. I think about this all day and all night. I can't loose because I have already seen myself winning in my head.

I used to never think like this, I would always settle for giving it my best and if I did not win then oh well. Maybe that is why I was never motivated as a kid to achieve my genetic potential. About three years ago I came across the best book ever written and it change the way I approach everything in life. The book was called Romo: My Life on the Edge--Living Dreams and Slaying Dragons. This is the story of Bill Romanowski a linebacker in the NFL and one of the most intense guys you will ever see on the field. He is still by far my favorite player to have ever played the game, his desire and intensity was unmatched.

I remember reading his book and he would talk about the mindset he would get in on game week. He would envision every play that he was going to make and he made himself hate the other players on the other team. He would talk about having so much hate that he would wake up at night with sweats, he could not contain himself and it showed on the field as a destructive presence to his opponents.

Not to get too off topic here, but here was a man who won 4 Super Bowls and made it to 2 pro bowls and started in 243 consecutive games. Do you think this was achieved by just settling or not be focused? This man prepared his mind more than anything else and he was very successful.

The point of this post is if your mindset is not were it needs to be then your performance will falter. You mind is the most powerful thing a human being posses and it can make you achieve things you never thought to be possible. If you get your mind in the right place the body will follow. Ask any successful person in life what type of mentality does it take to be on top and they will tell the exact same thing I just told you.

Do you have what it takes? Look deep inside of yourself and find. Reach the impossible and do stuff that you were told you can never do. It is time to start shutting people up!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Proper Posture

The average American is fixated in a knuckle's forward position. This means there chest is caved in, back rounded, and the hands are pronated so you can see there knuckles. This causes so many problems in a person's ability to sprint, bench, and life a healthy lifestyle. That’s why there are so many people with lower back problems and chiropractors are making a boat load of money.

If you have ever seen a player sprint and their hands are flailing side to side instead of back and forth. This is do to many years of benching without retracting their shoulders, hanging out on the computer, texting on the phone and slouching in class. This side to side motion is a horrible way to sprint and will kill any chance of running a fast 40 yard dash. If you can't run fast then you can't be in the NFL. By just improving a player’s posture it can take tenths of a second off their time.

How to improve the player’s posture relies heavily on the player and not so much with the coach. You can do what you can with the limited time you have with the player, but the real improvements come when he is on his own. At the gym you can have him work on a lot of scapular retraction movements and stretching out the pec with static movements. A great exercise is to have your athlete’s deadlift with their hands in a supinated grip, which means their palms are facing away from their body. Deadlift with light weight and really retract at the top position and hold for about three seconds.

This and many others are great exercises for you athlete to improve posture, but like I said an athlete has to work hard on his own to alleviate the problem. Everywhere he goes he should be sticking his chest out and trying to retract his shoulder blades. He also needs to be sitting up in class and retracting his shoulder blades. Try these out with your guys and see their forty times improve.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

GPP to Get Ready for Sprint Training

It is combine and pro day time, so we expect to see some very fast people. Jacoby Ford ran a 4.27 at the combine on Saturday, which is flying, if you don't know. That speed just earned him millions of dollars and now you want to know how to get that fast too. The bad news is that genetics play a huge role in speed, but I am here to teach you to maximize your genetic potential by training smart and getting as strong and as fast as possible.

We will start off with the basics of offseason training to build up speed. Most high school kids believe it or not are severely out of shape and can not go straight into a speed and agility phase of training. You will have to start them out with General Physical Preparedness, or GPP. You can do this by incorporating lifting, sled dragging, light skill position drills, but today we are focusing on something called tempo runs. This is a great way to develop good sprint mechanics and to get your athletes in shape to prepare there bodies for speed training.

A tempo run is sprint at a designated distance at about 70% to 80% of their max anaerobic capacity.
EX: Skill Players 40yd. Sprints @ 70% 12x7secs, and then rest for 30secs in between each sprint
Most skill players can run a forty in the mid 4's so making them run it in 7secs will not be so demanding on the central nervous system and allow their bodies time to recover before the training day. This will get their bodies ready for full on sprint work and it will allow you to tweak their running mechanics while they are running at a sub maximal speed. Depending on how bad they are out of shape will determine when they can be done with their GPP phase and move into their SPP phase.

By doing all kinds of GPP before making your athletes do an all out speed program is a great way to work on weaknesses, correct muscle imbalances from the previous season, and to reduce the risk of lower extremity injuries, such as hamstring pulls. Hope this helps and be on the lookout for more speed training forty yard technique to help develop your speed.