About the Owner

Shauna Adams&Sean Mathison

Hello!! We are the new owners of Samson Stength and Conditioning and are so excited about this new chapter in our lives.  We have been training at Samson's for over a year now and it makes us so proud that Tony gave us this opportunity to "take over"! Shauna is currently teaching bootcamps on Tuesday and Thursday at 6 p.m. and also personal and group trains in between teaching high school health and physical education at Centennial High School.  Fitness and health is a HUGE passion of Shauna's as she has instilled it in her everyday life and works hard to be healthy for her family. After giving birth to Shay, and putting on about 22 pounds, Samsons gym is just what the doctor ordered. It took time, but now weighing 10 pounds less pre-baby and many inches gone as well-a fresh and excited attitude came out. Goals will always be set for Shauna and being a part of Samson's make those possible.   Sean is part of the Powerlifting team at Samson's and lifts four days a week.  He also personal and group trains at Samsons and wants to continue to build his clientele.  Sean has been strength training for many years, going from 120 pounds to 170 lbs and building.  He has competed in powerlifting meets and strongman meets and has done very well in his weight class.  Sean hopes to continue to train for future shows and show what Samson's is all about! We have a daughter, Michaella-nickname Shay who is the light of our lives, the reason we go, go go! She is 20 months and growing so quickly, we now believe what people say "they grow up so fast!".  Shay reminds us both how important it is to stay healthy and help others stay healthy...we want to be around for a long time.  Stay Committed.

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Contact us at 772-828-0698 and beginning September 9th the NEW gym number will be 772-828-1178

                                       Email us at info@samsonstrengthconditioning.com